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This study abroad course is being offered through the University of Maryland's iSchool as LBSC 729: International Opportunities in Information Studies; Libraries and Cultural Heritage Institutions of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Peterhof ~ an enchanted Palace on an island!!!

We did a day trip to Peterhof and it was amazing!!! :D
below is a video of the fountains when it turned on at 11:00am!!

I think you'll find it funny as I was running back and forth! lol! :D

Here's a video of the fountains after we got out of the Palace from our tour. :)


 Here I am sitting across from Miguel having our breakfast... It's not often that we get a window seat in the hotel.. so this was nice! 

RUMIA HAS ARRIVED!!   *DUN DUN DUN!!!* It's time to get running so we're not late to PETERHOF!! 

Here's a picture of everyone on the bus... lol.  BUS NUMBER 7-10- 11 will get you to the shore! ;D 

Yelena is having a blast!!! :D 

ray ray!! 

We got off the bus ALIVE!! :D yayyY!

oOoohh.. AHH!! we're at the bridge now.. :) 

you know what that means... KODAK MOMENT!! :D 

This is my room mate Rachel. :) She's awesome! 

This is the Hydrofoil!! or so we thought!! lol. i mean.. I KNEW it wasn't a hydrofoil.. but we had to walk through this boat to get onto our boat.. it was kinda cool because a cute boy held my hand so I wouldn't fall into the water... LOL!. 

is everyone ready!?!?!?!? 

They definitely look like they're ready! 

we made it to PETERHOF!!

uhhh.. WOW! lol.
this is a picture of the fountain after the tour. 

ray ray!! 

It's time for another picture!!! :D

yay!! I'm in it!!

I love taking pictures of my friends! :) 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What goes up... must come down!

Hi all!!!

I'm almost done uploading photos... but there's over 2000 photos!! ahhH!! and at least.... 10 it's taking quite a while

here's one of the videos.....
this is when we went on the night tour around St. Petersburg and watched the bridge go UP up UP!!!
Yelena talks about the bridge a bit. :)

Here's one during a class visit at the Library School of St. Petersburg. This is where Yelena is translating everything the Children's Literature Professor is saying.. <3, Lynn

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Video of our last dinner! :)

Hi everyone!! :)
I hope everyone made it safely back to where ever your plans take you...
As I'm sitting here in Los Angeles admiring the beautiful weather and what not, I'm going through all of our pictures and videos we had together..

The last video in particular was bitter sweet.
I just decided at that moment to do a small interview with everyone on the spot to see what they liked and thought about the program..

<3, Lynn

Friday, June 8, 2012

We're awesome!!!

Just kidding!!!! :) 

Hey everyone, 
We made it to Finland!!

We had some delicious goat cheese and tomato sandwiches, bought lots of chocolate, and stared at people's dogs!! 
St. Petersburg airport is what I call a "HOTMESS!!!" 
lord have mercy... that airport check-in system is so confusing and crowded. People were standing in long ridiculous lines and a couple of them smelled really bad... lol. 

Joanna was so lucky and sat next to a cute guy on the way over to Helsinki.. 
He has a gf... but I wouldn't mind staring at him... LMAO!!!


Joanna, Ray, and Lynn. 


Thursday, June 7, 2012

About last night...

All by my self... That's how I feel sitting in the airport waiting for my plane to begin boarding. I was the first to leave for the airport and I already miss everyone (especially Yelena and all her insight.) I spent about half and hour with a confused look on my face, trying to figure out where to check-in only to realize that I was super early and needed to wait for my airline to be assigned a ticket counter. Anyway, about last night. Since It was our last night together our instructors organized a final group dinner. It was a pleasure to get to spend this time together. We reminisced about our time together and each of us spoke about what we liked most about this trip. The students had the opportunity to thank the instructors for all they have done to make this trip possible. To Lily we thank you for all your help. You served as a translator, but we also thank you for being the one who thought about arranging a library trip to Russia. Yelena, where do I even begin. You organized the trip and thanks to your connections we were able to see many parts of the city that other visitors never see. If that was not enough your served as our translator and tour guide. Trudi, we would like to thank you for making this trip a possibility. Having the opportunity to learn from you has been an absolute pleasure. After our dinner we took a boat tour around the city. It was a great way to bring our magical journey to St. Petersburg to an end. Well its now time to board the plane. See you on the other side of the Atlantic.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Erin and I posing before the boat!
Today we visited Peterhof! It was our last group activity besides dinner tomorrow night, and I can't believe the trip is coming to an end so quickly! We did something new this morning and took the trolley instead of the Metro or walking. The trolleys here are pretty much exactly like buses (which they also have in St. Petersburg) except they draw electricity from an overhead wire and are restricted to one lane. We only stayed on for a few stops and then got off at the dock so we could take a hydrofoil to Peterhof. We were early so we hung out and took some pictures by the water until our boat came. We got to sit at the front of the boat, which was cool because it rises out of the water, and got some cool photos from the boat. Then, it was open water all the way to Peterhof.

A shot from inside the boat as we were traveling. So pretty!
When we got there it was already crowded but we stuck with our tour guide and got a good spot in line. The fountains turned on at exactly 11 am so most of us missed it, but we went back to see them after - getting into the palace first was more immediate because sometimes it's so crowded you can't even get in. Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures inside the palace, which was a huge bummer. Apparently it was a new rule, and our tour guide said she thought it was because the tours already take so long that they restricted people from taking pictures to speed up the process, but she didn't know for sure.

We had to put on plastic socks over our feet again to help preserve the original wood floors. The palace was just as impressive as the others we've seen; everything was grand and gilded with gold, and there were two Chinese rooms, which were decorated entirely in Chinese art and fashion, which was unique from the other palaces we saw.

A view of the fountains from the top!
After the tour of the palace we went back out for a tour of the grounds, which was in some ways more impressive than the palace because of all the unique fountains. The main fountains in front of the palace were gorgeous, with giant gold statues and many tiers of water raining down from different heights. The fountains on the grounds were more for fun, such as the one that had a dog that was chasing ducks and one that was a tree sprouting water from different branches.

Jumping in front of the fountains :)

A dog chasing ducks... for three hundred years now! It means don't reach for something that is unattainable!
Unfortunately we were all really tired at this point and were glad for a break for lunch. The cafe served us cod and potatoes, which looked better than it tasted, but the ice cream after really hit the spot.

After lunch we all took the hydrofoil back to the city and split up to do our own exploring. I took a nap because I was feeling my cold coming back, but I know a lot of people finished up their souvenir shopping.

At 7:30 most of us met up for dinner to go to Cat Cafe, a Georgian restaurant (the few that didn't come went to Soviet Cafe, which also had fabulous food and decor from the Soviet era). Cat Cafe was very good. I've never had Georgian food before but between the traditional cheese bread, lamb and house wine I fell in love. I also tried some of Bridgette's mutton since that's harder to find in the States and it was also really good. On the walk home we stopped for some ice cream and then headed in for the night.
Some of the group with our waiter at Cat Cafe, who looks suspiciously like Antonio Banderas... hmm.


Hey everyone.. if you didn't see my quick note under DAY 6,
I just wanted to let you know that I will post captions for the photos real soon!!
Sorry for leaving you hanging with your imaginations!!
but don't worry!! :)
in the mean time..

just read
"A picture is worth a thousand words... DAY 6"..
It took me a good 2 hours to edit everything but I hope you'll enjoy them! :)