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Monday, June 18, 2012

Peterhof ~ an enchanted Palace on an island!!!

We did a day trip to Peterhof and it was amazing!!! :D
below is a video of the fountains when it turned on at 11:00am!!

I think you'll find it funny as I was running back and forth! lol! :D

Here's a video of the fountains after we got out of the Palace from our tour. :)


 Here I am sitting across from Miguel having our breakfast... It's not often that we get a window seat in the hotel.. so this was nice! 

RUMIA HAS ARRIVED!!   *DUN DUN DUN!!!* It's time to get running so we're not late to PETERHOF!! 

Here's a picture of everyone on the bus... lol.  BUS NUMBER 7-10- 11 will get you to the shore! ;D 

Yelena is having a blast!!! :D 

ray ray!! 

We got off the bus ALIVE!! :D yayyY!

oOoohh.. AHH!! we're at the bridge now.. :) 

you know what that means... KODAK MOMENT!! :D 

This is my room mate Rachel. :) She's awesome! 

This is the Hydrofoil!! or so we thought!! lol. i mean.. I KNEW it wasn't a hydrofoil.. but we had to walk through this boat to get onto our boat.. it was kinda cool because a cute boy held my hand so I wouldn't fall into the water... LOL!. 

is everyone ready!?!?!?!? 

They definitely look like they're ready! 

we made it to PETERHOF!!

uhhh.. WOW! lol.
this is a picture of the fountain after the tour. 

ray ray!! 

It's time for another picture!!! :D

yay!! I'm in it!!

I love taking pictures of my friends! :) 

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